This page is dedicated to my career as a student in Physics. Here you can find my Curriculum Vitæ and my works, either original or elaborations of scientific articles cited in the bibliography of each document.


Licence notice:
I truly believe that scientific knowledge should be free for each to build upon and broaden it in the most efficient possible way.
Therefore, my works are copyrighted by me, according to either a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Licence or to the GNU Free Documentation Licence, as stated in each document.
LaTeX source and images shall be provided upon request.

Curriculum Vitæ

Self-organization and Complexity in Networks

2009 – Bachelor Degree Thesis – Università di Pisa

Models for the Growth of Cities and Rank Statistics

2010 – Stage CEA Saclay – Université Pierre et Marie Curie.
Stage at the Institut de Physique Théorique of the CEA – Saclay.

Response of Event-Driven Systems

2010 – Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Project for the class Systèmes Désordonnés of Prof. L.Cugliandolo.

Atomo di idrogeno, un approccio gruppale (it)

2009 – Università di Pisa
Project for the class Metodi matematici per la Fisica III (Group Theory) of Prof. L.Bracci.


Run Manager

md5sum: 9804c5c5acaf911ca2182d1f6efa4f1f

A little script to launch in an efficient way multiple commands, simulation runs for instance.
This Python script creates a pool of workers, by default in number equal to the available number of cores of the machine. The workers will execute a list of commands that can be either given in an external file or within the script.
This script is licensed under the terms of the GPL v3+.